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Smart Classes

The Era of E-Chalks

Ever wondered what your child should know and learn to live a productive life in this tech-savvy world, a world which is full of technology, a world which is marching towards excellence and prosperity. Whether your children are able to think creatively and demonstrate their ideas and imagination in the class. Well! All these queries and worries of yours will be answered in “The Oxford International School, Mandi Dabwali”.  The traditional practice of using CHALK & DUSTER has been replaced by a more interactive way called SMART CLASSES.

The use of smart classes provides an interactive podium for the teacher to give structure to their imagination and present it to the children. It allows the teacher to transform their classrooms into learner-centered. The students learn to use digital media and become proficient with the latest technical innovations. Children no longer have to linger (wait) to give structure to their imaginations.

With the use of interactive display boards, the traditional method of using chalk duster has taken a step back. The interactive display boards enable the children to give life to their imagination. Instead of wandering in their own world of unexplainable ideas, they are able to see everything on the board in the classroom with the help of interactive display boards.

In “The Oxford International School” great opportunities are provided to the students to get equipped with the latest technology and give wings to their ideas. They no longer have to wait for their ideas to become alive. So, let’s give the best learning environment to our children and allow them to go hand-in-hand with technology. Let us allow our children to live in reality and not in a world filled with mere imagination. Let’s replace the “chalk and duster” with “E- Chalks”.