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Objectives & Philosophy

“It is not a question how much one knows but what he makes if what he knows Not a question of what he has acquired, but of what he is what he can do.”

Students are the backbone of our Nation. The main motto of our education, from the very beginning, is to develop a sense of doing things efficiently and to the best of our capacity. In our school great importance is given to inculcate human and moral values so that our students grow up with a sense of social responsibility. Since students are the future of the country and the teachers its makers, both have to co-ordinate in constructive activities of building a strong Nation. And this credit goes to the guardians of the students and the school teachers.

The whole education community of our school is sure that the school is fully alive to its responsibilities for a responsive and responsible citizenship and would strive to achieve excellence in the very quality of life of its students.

“Last but not the least”, a teacher is no doubt is a mirror of the all-round achievements of students in every field. So the education community would exhibit greater excellence in evciy field and adds more laurels to the name of our prestigious institution. So the main aim of our institution is to inspire our students to go forward and achieve every success in their life.

Wishing Them Every Success in Life