Students Safety and Security

A child is the only and the most valuable thing for any parent. At the Oxford International School, “students safety and security” is the first priority, which cannot be compromised with anything. When Parents send their kids to our school, they are also putting their trust in the entire Oxford school staff right from their kids step into the school van to the maids who take care of their belongings to the teachers and the management of the school.

The Oxford International School knows the importance of taking care of the students from morning pick up till they reach back to their home. We understand the worth of the faith which each and every parent puts on the school and the trust they show towards the school management for taking care of their children.

We, the team of The Oxford International School, Mandi Dabwali understand the worth of the conviction with which you send your ward to the school. So, students safety and security become our first priority. We do our best to ensure that your child gets the same safe environment as they get in their home. The same security and care which parents provide them. How safe our students are?

CCTV Cameras for Students Safety and Security in the School

Providing a safe and secure environment for the students’ entire school building has cameras installed. Right from the entrance gate of the school to the staff room, there are cameras in each and every corner which allows the teachers as well as the management to take look at all the activities taking place in the school. The children are under constant surveillance of their teachers.

All the classrooms have cameras. There are cameras near the washrooms, in the assembly ground and even in the corridors. Every activity of the child is examined. They do not indulge in any kind of activity which is harmful or unsafe to them or their peers. The safety is not only about the physical safety of your child, but we also ensure that the students also do not take part in any kind of abusive or destructive act.

Safety and Security in School Transport

The school vans are equipped with cameras and GPS to monitor the children as well as to monitor the locations of our students’ transport vehicles. To take care of your children in the vans, the vans have an assistant.

All our school van drivers do have a valid “heavy driving license” issued by the government.

Other Safety and Security Measures in the OIS

  • All our staff including teachers, coaches, maids, drivers, security guards, cleaners are hired after a background check and police verification.
  • There are permanent security guards at all the entry and exit points in the school.
  • No entry of outsiders allowed without permission, the security guards at the school gate maintains visitors’ record with their in and out time along with the other details.
  • If someone is going inside the school, someone from the reception goes with him/her. We never allow anyone going alone in school.
  • The school is covered with the high walls, so neither anyone from the outside can come in the school, nor the students can go alone out of school boundary
  • We take care of every small thing like the furniture is designed well and that gets checked on very frequent intervals to that any student doesn’t get hurt with any sharp edge etc.
  • We keep branded toys in the classrooms which fulfill child safety norms. Even we regularly check and service the swings in the garden.
  • The coaches stay with the students in the playground; we never allow our students to play without safety gear.
  • Stairs are not very steep and designed keeping small kids in mind. The very small classes are on the ground floor.
  • The floor and the ramps are designed according to the kids the used materials are chosen carefully so that they don’t become slippery.
  • We have covered all the electrical wires in the school, the switches are safe for the kids, yet they are out of their reach, only school staff accesses the electric items.
  • To maintain hygiene in the premises, we properly clean the floor, washrooms, classes and the other things to keep our students safe from the germs, etc.

Safety in an emergency situation

  • The security drills like the fire and the earthquake etc. are conducted regularly when school is in session. We conduct such exercises to practice procedures that respond to an emergency situation including, but not limited to, a non-fire evacuation, lockdown, etc.
  • For fire safety, there are fire extinguishers in all areas of the school and in the school vans.
  • We keep the first aid kits ready in the school to deal with any situation.

We take care of every small thing for the safety of the students; your children are our responsibility. And we take pride in saying that we provide a completely safe and secure atmosphere for our students. OIS takes all the proactive measures for our staff members and students’ safety and security. We are keen to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the school population by establishing a safe and secure environment and increasing our capacity to respond in the event of a crisis. Yet, we always seek for valuable suggestions from the parents and guardians. Because, “at the end of the day, the Oxford School’s goals are simple: students safety and security”.