Stay Home, Stay Safe

It’s been so many days since have I have been sitting at home, with no work, no studies and no place to go.  Now, this is the first time that I and (I hope) many other people like me have ever stayed at home for this long period. I always used to wonder what it would be like to stay at home and just do nothing. In this era of industrialization and development, an era of constant movement, constant hunting for fulfilling superficial desires, what it would be like to just take pause and have a look at life. To spare some time to reflect at what we have actually wanted to achieve.

Well! Sometimes God has his own way to tell how foolish we are. the entire world including our own nation came to a halt when a new pandemic started spreading its tentacles all over the world. And this new Pandemic is “CORONAVIRUS”.

As we know and according to the reports, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to nearly every country in the world since it first emerged in China at the beginning of the year. More than 4 million people are known to be infected and more than 300, 000 deaths have been reported. (Source: Google).

The resources say that the source of the coronavirus is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds. The disease has already taken hold in Europe, the United States, and south-east Asia and is beginning to wreak havoc in Africa and South America.  There are cases in nearly every country in the world and even the most sophisticated health systems are struggling to contain it.

This year more than ever we’ve had to fear for our health. The school buildings are closed today, the colleges have been locked. No vehicles can be seen on the roads. We are meant to stay at home. As the saying goes…you will never know what you have, until it’s gone…freedom and liberty. How can we live our lives when everything seems to fall apart- when we are continually overcome by fear and anxiety?

We go along for years moving through our days, propelled by habit, taking life pretty much for granted until something like this happens. How do we work with our actions and our speech and our minds in a way that opens up the space for LOVE rather than closes it down?  

I truly understand how serious this period is for all of us. We can never compensate for the lives which have been engulfed by this monstrous Pandemic. No words can really help to ease the loss which many families are bearing today. 

We need to understand how adverse this situation is. How dangerous it can become with a little bit of carelessness for us and for our loved ones. For shielding our own lives and the lives of our loved ones we need to follow the government orders.

So, let us not look at this as some lockdown, let us take this situation as an opportunity to spend more time with your families, to take a closer look at the unnoticed surroundings.  Take this as a break which we have always desired for, take a look at how clear the sky has become, listen to the chirping of the birds which earlier would blend with the noises. Spare some time to learn new things, teach lessons to your siblings or children, spare some time to see how your mother spent her entire day staying at home when we all go out for pursuing our goals. Take this as chances to share your views with your father and at the same time understand his.

Let’s sit together with our families and children to build a bond that was not possible earlier. This is time to help our children learn activities which we were not able to teach before. Let’s spend some time together.  All we need to do today is work together for the common cause of saving humanity.

If we work together, we can squash COVID-19, not as democrats or republicans, not as a male or female, but as a human. This disease can be stopped.  Thousands of vulnerable lives could be saved. We just have to put our differences aside and fight this together. We can all help to stop this. So, let’s just do this.

Stay Home Stay Safe

                                                                                            By Gagandeep Kaur
( TGT Computer)