The Oxford International School Library

J.K. ROWLING once said, “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book”. And so do we have a large school library at Oxford International.

Books build our imagination; they give us the power to take our imagination to a different level. They are our only best friends who stay with us without expecting anything in return. The world of books is filled with adventures, joy, thrills, excitement, and challenges.

While growing up, the most important habit that we can inculcate in our children is reading habits. As we all know, books are our only best friends, and we need to convey this message to our students. We must develop a habit of reading in our children as this will provide them with a never-ending fortune of Knowledge. Once we develop this habit in our students we know that they are never going to fail to understand the importance of books and the knowledge which they extract from them.

Books provide an opportunity for the students to enhance their knowledge. They give an insight into the world of other cultures, their values and ways of living. The children get acquainted with other cultures. It helps in enriching their knowledge.

And “that’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet”.

The Oxford School Library

To inculcate reading habits in our students, we have a well-furnished school library, which is enriched with a wide range of good books. The library periods are included in the classes’ timetable every day so that the students can go into the school library and explore the world of books.

There is an enormous collection of books in the school library which not only includes the course books but also so many other books on various topics. It includes local to the foreign culture, technology, science, history, politics, language and much more. There are books for younger kids, which includes short stories or fairytales to help them enjoy the world of fairies and imagination. For the older students, there are biographies and autobiographies to help understand the significance of the contributions of the prominent personalities towards the development of their society.

Once we instill reading habits in our children, we will witness the development of their personalities, the expansion of their knowledge and their attitude towards the outside world. Books help in building confidence in the students and their understanding of the world. The Oxford International School provides them with all these reading opportunities. We help in showing the path to wisdom through books. The School helps them to discover the pleasure of reading which cannot be expressed in words. It is the pleasure of self-improvement by reading books.

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