The Oxford International School Assembly

As Mahatma Gandhi said “Prayer is the key of the morning and bolt of the evening”, we understand the importance of Morning Prayer. Morning school assembly plays a critical role in any educational institution.

Morning assembly at “The Oxford International School, Mandi Dabwali” is a blend of many activities where students present their items to the entire school. It provides an opportunity for all the students to combat their fear of the stage and gain confidence.  This is the only time of the school when students of all the classes gather for one common interest.

This is the only time when the students, irrespective of their interests or subjects come together under one roof. They share a common interest, a mutual feeling of oneness. It provides a spectacular sight to the spectators, of the children standing in proper queues and getting ready for seeking the blessings of the almighty.

The assembly is segregated into two groups, the choir group, and the class-wise assembly students.

Items which are included in the school assembly are:

  • The Morning Prayer, which is sung by the choir group.
  • A motivational thought to drive the students towards a positive start.
  • The fact of the day which enriches their knowledge
  • G.K. questions to check their understanding
  • News headlines to update the students of the happenings around them.

Students are encouraged to present speeches and poems from time to time which helps them to develop and polish their oratory skills. These skills help the children to build confidence and improve themselves. It also helps to develop leadership qualities in the children.

Morning assembly of “The Oxford International School” is a breathtaking event that can astonish anyone. We believe that our mornings will be better when we talk to God first. We teach our children the values and morals which we want to see in them tomorrow through the morning assembly. Just like all good things come to an end, the students march into their respective classes when the assembly is dispersed.