Forming a stronger bond with the students in the midst of COVID 19 with Online Studies at The OIS

Teachers and their students have a special relationship, what they do affects each other. Teachers and students can’t survive without one another. There would be no teacher without any student. Looking at this special relationship, a certain expectation has been developed in the classroom environment. School students depend completely on their teachers.

However, today, the school buildings are closed and we all have to move to distance teaching and learning. And this has led to a lot of changes in the way teachers interact with their students. Being the Oxfordian teachers, we know how much the students rely on their teachers, not only for educational requirements but also for moral support and the comfort of studying.

In the middle of the existing circumstances, if something has suffered a lot then that is the education of the children. The current scenario has in many ways become a unique test for teacher-student relationships, forcing a readjustment of expectations without daily check-ins and in-person interaction.

To meet the need of the present circumstances, the staff and the management of “The Oxford International School, Mandi Dabwali” has taken the initiative to make our students learn at home. Even in this unprecedented situation, we could not let the studies of our children suffer. Teachers all over the world have shifted their attention towards using digital media for providing education to the students. Once again, technology has proved its significance. Education for technology and technology for education has become the motto. With the use of technology, it becomes possible to teach students at home with online studies.

In doing so, the school was completely supported by “THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS” by introducing the application “THE OXFORD ADVANTAGE” learning. The students can install Oxford Advantage’s “MY BAG” App for Online Studies from the Google play store or the Apple App Store

Features of “THE OXFORD ADVANTAGE App” for Online Studies

  1. The App is provided with the Oxford advantage thematically book set from L.K.G to the third standard.
  2. This application is extremely helpful and very easy to use for the parents as well as the teachers.
  3. It helps the parents to teach the students at home in a fun and easy manner.
  4. As all the books are based on a theme, it becomes easy for the kids to establish a link between different subjects and connect them.
  5. The colorful and attractive look of the application makes it a lot more appealing to the students. The tiny tots find it really fun to study with the “THE OXFORD ADVANTAGE”.
  6. All the books are available with audio and video lessons. Feature of taking and conducting online tests is also provided.
  7. The teachers are even allowed to prepare their own online tests and give marks to the students.

When it comes to the older students, teachers have done a tremendous job by assembling all the students under one group class-wise and providing them work on a daily basis.

With all these benefits, it also comes to a lot of challenges for the teachers. Not only the teachers have to provide work to the students, but they also need to make sure that the students have understood their chapters and are completing their work on time and in a regular way. For this, the teachers maintain a record of the everyday work of their students. The children send a report of their work on a daily basis. Immense support is provided by the parents to the teachers in making this process of teaching the students at home successfully. We have gained a lot of help from the parents to make our children study and learn without any interruption.

Following are the ways in which we are making Online Studies lessons more interactive for our children:

  1. Proper video lessons are provided so that the concepts become clearer.
  2. Homework is given to the children according to a proper timetable so that the kids do not feel a burden at this point.
  3.  Online books have been provided to the students to ensure that the kids, who cannot purchase books in this situation, can study from the eBooks.
  4. Online staff meetings are conducted time-to-time to improve the methods and approaches for the students.
  5. We make sure that the parents do not feel stressed and do not have to struggle for teaching their children.

We want our children to study, but at the same time, we make sure that they do not feel the burden of studies. It is high time that we teach our children the values and develops a stronger bond with them. This is the time when the parents can actually use to understand and build a stronger relationship with their kids, which was earlier not possible due to lack of time.

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