Message From The Chairman

The Oxford International School Mandi Dabwali is in the service of the people of this area to impart idealistic education which means all-round development of the personality of the students who come to this institution with the aim of getting and receiving the best education that has been devised by us. Our aim is to develop all the entities in every individual so that when they leave this temple of learning, they are not masters of BITS but integrated personality, and are capable of successfully meeting the challenges of life. Needless to say, that life if in the modern era has become very complex and the challenges of life need properly educated persons, the concept of education that OIS propagate was born out of my personal experiences. I believe that a sound education system stands for the homogenous growth of all the entities in students. In my college days, I used to take part in sports activities, and hence this feeling that a sound mind resides in a sound body. We instill a love for sports in our students, so that they enjoy perfect health. Our school has a brilliant record of achievements in sports. Our students have won laurels at the district as well as the state level. Our students make merry when they are in the playfield or in the classroom.

Discipline is the key factor that makes our students study with the full strength of body and focus and attention of mind. We enjoy the full confidence of the parents of our students and behold regular Parents meeting so that we enjoy the satisfaction of the parents and their support. The “Parents” of our students are our “Partners” in shaping the personality of our students. Thus we have involved a three-tier system.

The members of our teaching staff are fully qualified and dedicated to the sacred cause of imparting knowledge of the highest order in the best possible way. As a result learning in our school is a joyful experience. No child in our campus feels boredom in campus hours. Paying personal attention to the needs of the students is the hobby of our teachers. Our school is de facto as was conceived by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Prophet hunting was never in my mind. And my school is running on the basis of no profit, no loss. In fact, this school is a matter of dream fulfillment, and serving the cause of education in this part of the world is my passion. I along with my team make every effort that my students are made capable of contributing to cosmopolitan outlook. My aim is to make them the citizens of the world and they should work for Welfare of all (Sarbat da Bhala). They must imbibe the positive values of life. They must get rid of negative feelings like jealousy, ill-will, and venom which spoil the peace of mind and spreads and rest with others. My sole desire in running this institution is to propagate the holy philosophy of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji  (Naam Japo Kirat Karo Vand Chhako).

Paramjeet Singh, Chairman Oxford International School Dabwali

Mr. Paramjeet Singh
The Oxford International School
Mandi Dabwali, Haryana