International Standard of Studies

The world has turned into a small village today, where we all are like members of one family and the members of one family consistently feel the need to interact with one another. To enable this, we need to provide them with efficient means to convey their messages to each other which can be understood and will have the same impact on the receiver of the message as is desired by the sender. Only a top international school in Mandi Dabwali area can do that.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”
                                                                                                             Malcolm X

Gone are the days of the concept of “Jug and Mug”, where the teacher was the JUG filled with knowledge and the child was the MUG which is empty. The children are no longer like EMPTY MUGS. The kids today are very intelligent and having certain knowledge. The only thing needed is to add additional knowledge in their intelligent brains. It’s an era of teaching them how to find answers to their questions.

The need of the present world is to have an education system that will enable the students to compete internationally and to harness their best abilities.

International Standard of Studies at The OIS

All these desires are fulfilled at “The Oxford International School, Mandi Dabwali”. The school provides an environment for the children which aim at enabling them to present themselves at the international forum.

To make this dream of internationally competent students, the school has incorporated books from the Oxford University Press into the curriculum.

  • The best English medium (Spoken as well as books) environment is provided to the children.
  • When it comes to developing the language skills (English) in the students, the most proficient teachers in the area are involved.
  • Smart classes, which allow the students to construct their ideas.
  • Live projects which develop an interest in the students towards science.

The students of our school are well settled today abroad. We provide an environment for our children which allow them to easily get in tune with the globalized world. So, if you are looking for a top international school in Mandi Dabwali which has an international standard of studies and an international environment for your kid, then The Oxford International School is your correct destination.