Cultural Activities at The OIS

Culture is what society depends on. It defines society’s values and beliefs. Because the values of society are reflected by their culture. It is an important aspect of society. The need for carrying the cultural activities and values to buy the new generations has always been of prime importance. Above all, it becomes very important to teach cultural values to our children and to make them respect their culture. We need to teach our children to always take pride in their own culture as well as respect and cherish the cultures of other regions. We need to implant this feeling of oneness in our children; so that they can take pleasure in different cultures across the world.

Importance of Cultural Activities

“Culture makes people understand each other better”

We at “The Oxford International School, Dabwali” aims to instill these morals (ethics) in our students. We provide an environment where our children meet and stay with children from various cultures and places. So, the kids learn to respect and appreciate each other’s culture and values. As a result, they learn to respect and enjoy themselves with their peers.

To accomplish this, many cultural activities are organized in the school like cultural dances, folk songs, heritage quiz cultural costumes and many more. This teaches the children a lot about different cultures including their own.