What makes “The OIS” the Best Play School in Mandi Dabwali

If you are a parent who’s looking for the best pre/ play school in Mandi Dabwali for your child in the nearby area and is willing to give build a strong foundation, then “The Oxford International School” is the best choice for you and your child.

Play schools have a considerable role in building the initial foundation of your child’s life and it is crucial to give them the proper educational start which will prepare them overall.  “The Oxford International School” follows a particular model and has been quite successful in execution.

Why “The Oxford International School” is the best play school in Mandi Dabwali for your child?

Location and Timings

Location: The location of the school makes it the first choice as a play school. The school is on the Malout highway only 5 km away from the Mandi Dabwali city. It is easily reachable from many nearby villages. Your child will no longer have to travel a long distance to reach the school.

Timings: the timing of the school is the second most important thing which is favorable to you and your ward. The school allows the parents to select the timing as per their convenience. For parents who want their kids to come home early are sent at 12 o’clock. The parents who are willing to let their wards attend the full day of school are sent at 2 o’clock.

Care and Safety

Care and Safety: Right from the moment your ward set their foot in the van till the time they come back home. It is the sole responsibility of the school to take care of the children. The teachers take care of each and every child and their every need.

Warm and Home-like Environment: We make sure that we provide an environment for your child just like home. Right from their learning to their food and taking the kids to the washroom, there are maids who accompany them.

Activities and Curriculum

Activity-based Curriculum: We have designed our curriculum in such a way that we enable the children to learn by doing. Activities like table manners, traffic signal awareness, mud activity, sports and rhyme activities are conducted timely.

Fun and Toys: the school takes proper care of the safety of these tiny-tots, by providing them with toys that are fun to play but at the same time safe and secure.

Cleanliness and Hygiene: Your child will get an environment that is clean and hygienic. The school takes proper care of the hygiene of the children. We make sure that the children wash their hands properly before eating the food. And the cleaning staff cleans the rooms two times every day.

Student-teacher Ratio: Since every child is precious and every child has its own level of understanding; we provide a suitable ration of teacher and student. For every 20 children, we have 1 teacher. This makes the teacher easy to pay attention to every child. No child is left behind.

Facilities: the latest infrastructure of the school offers the best choice for your children for learning. We understand the importance of increasing technology and the need to make our children equipped with the latest innovations in the field of education. Each classroom is equipped with smart boards and projectors which allow the children to study while enjoying.

We Offer Quality Education For Quality Life!

All these features make “The Oxford International School, Mandi Dabwali” the best choice for your wards. We impart an environment to your (our) children which will make the first step of your child fun and the most enjoyable experience at the best play school in Mandi Dabwali.