An experience to remember shared with my students!

An excursion is usually a brief pleasure trip. It is an activity organized by the school during which students leave the school premises to engage in educational adventures. Schools are encouraged to adopt the practice of excursion because of its tendency to add reality to learning experiences which consequently enriches the course of study and motivate both teachers and learners.

I am a teacher of the Oxford family. And being a member of this esteemed educational institute gives me immense pleasure. The school has provided me with all the help and facilities which have helped me in giving my best to the children. The way I want to teach, the methodology I want to use. Being a science teacher, I believe in learning by doing. I strongly feel that the knowledge which a child gains by doing something, by being involved in an activity, no lecture method can give that. To help me in this approach, I have always been supported by the school management.

So, when we thought of taking the students for a visit to the Nursery, I received a big “Yess” from the management.

We started at 9 am with 70 students of 9th and 10th standard with a team of 7 teachers including me. We were all very excited for this short trip. The moment we reached there, we were greeted with a warm welcome by the entire staff of the nursery. To start this lovely experience, the staff of the nursery presented a short presentation where they have introduced us with various methods of budding in plants. This filled the students with pleasure. The nursery was divided into many sections. So, we were taken around the whole nursery to take a look at these different sections with the students.

The students learned about the different methods that are employed in the budding of plants. The climatic conditions required, the methods employed, the amount of care needed for the plants and the patience with which this work needs to be done were explained to the students.

The students showed great curiosity as they asked a lot of questions about the plants. The staff members tried really hard to satisfy their curiosity. After taking a round of all the sections and gaining a lot of knowledge of the plant world, the students were a bit tired.

So, we all settled there for some time for refreshments which were provided by the school. Once we finished our refreshments, we took leave from that beautiful and wonderful place.

Students got a real experience of how to produce citrus fruits like orange and techniques of organic farming. Furthermore, students also got a live experience of what they have been taught in classes. It has been proven that visits to places like nursery, zoo, and museums increase the chances of the learners of retaining what is being taught in the classroom.

This trip was an unforgettable moment for all of us.