A Big Thank from The Management of the Oxford International School

Our existence was seriously threatened when all of sudden we came under this life-threatening crisis. We felt that we will be unable to survive under such unprecedented conditions. It was looking impossible to maintain around a hundred human resources and infrastructure added over decades of continuous development. Not keeping reserve fund was the biggest management blunder because in our wildest dream we did not anticipate such a nightmare!

A Big Thank to the Parents of the Oxford School’s Students

Our team understood that it’s the struggle for survival and only fittest will survive and they found out the way to survive! They started full-fledged online classes, with a proper time table, exploring and using various available apps of fast effective communication for teaching and assessment. Children too took these online classes with great enthusiasm and once again we could start our mission of quality education at the lowest possible price.

Our educated parents too realized the difficult situation and came forward to support the school of their children (thanks for great support) Now we hope worst is over and The Oxford International will not only survive but grow with its family of hundreds of members and thousands of children.

We are so thankful to parents, who realized the dedication of the teachers and deposited fee which helped them to get, though partially, their remuneration (salary). We hope more generous parents will come forward to help children and their teachers!

A Big Thank to the Teachers of the Oxford International School

Our teachers have shown exemplary dedication towards the students and did not let them suffer and continued their classes with innovative online teaching practices. Oxford International is thankful to its teachers for their commitment and for the best utilization of the available resources for students.

A difficult time is a great testing time for all of us. Our members have shown exceptional strength, confidence, resilience, intelligence, knowledge, and amazing learning capacity to adopt new teaching technology and did not let their students suffer under such a difficult time.

We also discovered our great strength that our members have very deep emotional loving relationships with their children which is often reflected in their feedbacks. Hope parents too will realize that our biggest beneficiaries are our children so this wonderful, transparent, earnest mission should continue taking care of all stakeholders. We intensely hope that we will be with our students in the classrooms soon. Since our children remain confined to their homes for most of their time, for safety, teachers are advised to remain in constant touch with them. For providing continuous help in their studies and solving their other related issues. Students should all the times feel that they are not alone. They are with their teachers and classmates. We request the parents to please give them some productive assignments and help in their proper study planning during the Global COVID 19 pandemic.

A Big Thank to the Students of The Oxford International School

OIS Management is really thankful to its students for their cooperation in adopting the new online studies model. It was really very difficult situation when all of a sudden the school was closed on the government’s order. We were not prepared for such a situation. All the teachers and the management were worried about the studies of our beloved students. The students have shown a great spirit in adopting the new online classes’ model and gave us a great response. In only a few days our students get comfortable with the new study from the home model.